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Fountain, MI 49410

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Ful Day : 1-2 Anglers, Steelhead or Trout

The Pere Marquette River 1 Person Full Day: $500.00

The Pere Marquette River 2 Person Full Day: $600.00

White River, Manistee River, Muskegon River, or Ausable River: $600.00

Half Day, 1-2 Anglers, Steelhead or Trout:

The Pere Marquette: $400.00

(no half days for away rivers)

What’s included in a full day guide trip:

Use of boat, rods and reels, a gourmet lunch or dinner on the river, per request; as well as snacks, beverages, and 8 hours of on the water instruction… Flies Provided During trip…


We use only the FINEST GEAR: Sage, Simms, Hatch and AIRFLO and Rio lines, while fishing from several different watercraft including Rocky Mountain Skiff and Extra Long Low Profile Drift boat with all the bells and whistles; with other crafts at our disposal, including Jet Sleds and smaller/faster river rafts.

We are permitted, licensed, insured, endorsed, certified casting instructor, CPR Certified with all the right tags for all the right water.

whatever you need your day on Northern Michigan Rivers to be… We have you covered at The Fish Whisperer Guide Service

What’s included in a Half day guide trip:

Everythying that is proved on a full day trip except lunch or dinner, with 4 hours of on the water instruction instead of 8.

Items that are NOT included in the price of the trip:

Michigan Fishing License that can be purchased online or locally, chest waders/wading shorts & sandals/polarized Sunglasses/Good Rain gear “tipping” starts around 15% and goes up pending your day’s fly fishing experience and overall good time…

Cancellation Policy:

Upon booking a credit card will be taken to reserve your dates. Deposits will NOT be taken when confirming as a guide always is a better one when he works for his full or half day rate the day of that trip… hoping to better it with a  bigger TIP!

Tipping really isn’t something spoken, but in this line of work it is as expected as in a restaurant for the waitress.. and about the same percent.

If a cancelation of the trip is booked outside of two weeks, a fee of $200 will be charged for the trip loss, and or rebooking of the same day. Full day of cancellation rates may be exercised based on the guides discretion upon any cancellation of trips occurring within a two week period before the date in question, where the guide isn’t likely to fi;; the date inside of the shorten time frame.

Rebooking a date missed is optional, but the day of work is still lost. If able to rebook inside of the same seasonal window, a client,  even if within two weeks, will only be charged  $200 for the initial cancelation so long as the following trip is taken.

We are a business first,  and charity second as we donate many trips, flies and instructional venues at several events each and every year…  But the booked trip is how we keep the lights on, no matter why the sky may or may not be falling in your world… as that excuse doesn’t pay the power company, the insurance on all this gear, and all the boats.

Equal Opportunity

The Fish Whisperer Guide Service is an equal opportunity provider and is under special use permit with the Huron Manistee National Forests…

We believe not only in catch & release fishing, but teaching proper ethics of not fishing to these wild bedding fishing.