Hands down my favorite time of the year is the Trout Season. Rivers clearing and dropping, the big rods of fall, winter, and spring put away and replaced with floating lines and 5wts… Coupled with a forecast that begs for any and all to frolic in the woods of northern Michigan… It’s not hard to reach for a cast this time of year. Spring was good this year, but only that… As great would have been if April warmed like it normally does, but instead had us wearing 4-5 layers of clothing right up to the trout opener. Fishing pressure was high during the migration of mouth hockey maggots that still like believing that Elvis is alive, but that has all been replaced with solitude, fair weather, and anglers all looking for a bite from now till the end of September where catching trout via a bite is necessary to get the fly rod bent. Gray Drakes are the talk of the town, with muffled excitement on the impending HEX HATCH where any and all can be queen for a day, or night, which is more to the point. Sulfur hatches this year on the PM were as good as I’ve ever seen them, and there are giant stones now frequenting the hatch traffic. Borcher now coming off in numbers with a variety of other mayfly, stone and caddis keeping the menu fresh and interesting, making for some very well off dry fly conditions thanks to the dropping water flows and clearing water. Mouse fishing has no bearing on the current moonphase as the water still has some color, but the smaller oak hoppers, beetles, and now ants are bringing the terrestrial options on line nicely for the midday. Living in northern Michigan allows for so many miles of trout streams to engage with a list of ways in which to tango with the brown trout. If you’re a Dry Fly Angler, there really is no better month to consider fishing the aquatic hatchers than mid May through mid June….

Streamer fishing was good this spring, but far from great.  Late cool, into this extreme heat left just a little spring in which to Strip & Rip, and though there were some great days, there were some slower ones too.  Nymphing filled in the holes nicely in March and April where stones and eggs kept the rods bend even when the fish were still too chilly to chase the bigger stuff, and even when they did it was at much slower speeds.  As the water warmed and the salmon fry exploded throughout the watershed, the streamer bite did come online nicely, but seemingly for only three weeks instead of two months… April this year was the coldest and snowiest on record, and confused the bite windows save the impending lows on approach.  Egg fishing was stellar in April, but we were almost begging for it later March when it seemed warmer than it did a month later.  Steelhead bite this spring, including some of the biters on the Drunks, was lasting as the fish weren’t allowed to spawn and leave as quickly as the water warmed slowly, but instead kept them deep into the 3rdweek of March with the lasting cold.  Allot of the fall/winter fish did in fact spawn and leave at the end of February this year as we melted most of the winter and held temps in the 40s & 50s for almost two weeks, but then also drew the early pushes of spring chrome.  Overall, the steelhead run of ’17-’18 was a great run of fish, and the windows to engage weren’t bad either.  It will be one of the bigger fish years of all time for sure, this only 4 years from our last BIG STEELHEAD year, which hopefully is a trend with the failing King Salmon fishery, which now may be allowing for other migratory fish feeding with more scale.  We also just had a cancelation for November 13-14 of this year for anybody looking to get in on a good Fall Steelhead Dates!  Spring streamer browns was great here on the PM, and though I made several runs to the Manistee, it was cold up there last month, and there was allot of water, so my resolve was limited to poor, versus on the PM where audience, even on the slower days, was somewhat there every other bend.  This spring will not go down as one of my better springs for the big browns north, but it was just fine here without picturing and posting everything caught.  It led to more fishing time, which you and I seemingly can’t get enough of.  Hopefully we have a few high water opportunities this summer to get a good one on the Strip & Rip as I feel a little shorted this spring!  That said, the salmon fry hatch bite, though shortened this year into a few weeks, had 10 days of EPIC bite window. With two guys one day on the PM, fishing nothing but fry and Drunks, we managed 29 browns to hand in one days fishing.  Though not all were huge with the Fry/Fry, but still up to 20.5” on the smaller streamer, and starting around 8”… The bigger Drunk & Disorderly kept the par around 16” with as many higher teen to lower twenty fish it was managing with the moves like Jagger.  All in all, it was a shortened streamer window, with very hot/cold bite windows, an April water warming that wouldn’t be, followed up recently with a strict warm up shortly after old man winter finally let go… So I’m just gonna look forward to Autumn, then Arkansas to scratch the streamer itch this year it would seem, and maybe a couple big thunderstorms this summer open the big fly window!  

Hatches, Hairballs, and Hoppers will be the agenda for the next 5 months!!!  On the immediate incoming is the Gray Drakes, which have already started up in great numbers.  Daytimes have been stellar with the EPIC Sulfur Hatches this year, and you can now fish giant goldens all day long with those B-2 Bombers now frequenting the same airspace.  HEX HATCH ’18 is only a couple weeks out, and though it will be busier than it ever has, there is always opportunity amongst the largest of all Mayfly Hatches.  Bookings for “Duh Hex” are limited as it really is the easiest way for a guide to put you on the fish of a lifetime.  Like a shopping spree, you have a limited amount of time to choose the high menu fish, but the caliber of trout that the biomass of this hatch allow is second to none in it’s predictability.  Years back, before the sport blossomed, one could expect several fish a night to hand over the 20” mark, and if the night was right, and the angler was in check, double digits of that same bigger butter could find it’s way back to the boat before the sun came up… These days, the game is different!  Fish will now feed closer to the jams versus the mid river suicide slurp, with a critique never issued in yesteryears, to each passing bug.  Many anglers, feeling the need to fish to the trout closer for the ease of presentation, would push the fish to these woodier dining tables, this versus fish that would have otherwise been feeding middle river without reservation.  Pattern selection you never needed, so much as just giving them a good target as I think back then we thought it did matter since we took the time to tie it… Size, color, wing style, all needed consideration during different periods of the hatch, but never so much as rotating up to a half dozen patterns over the spree lasting only a few hours.  Though busier, I’m treating “Duh Hex” as more of a social gathering with a big fish potential, and allowing for other opportunities to abort the migration so many would make to the same places, but instead fish them blind to fish that see far fewer, but are much more willing with less than a few hundred casts witnessed nightly.  What is so great about this state, and all the miles of river to trout fish within it, is that you’re never expected to be anywhere but where the boats floating or your hiking, and you can always direct the level of solitude based on your need to fish away from others by choosing other bodies.  So many unmentionable waters in this state that lack pressure, but you need to explore to find, as they will not be shown, nor discussed or they would loose their worth… Don’t be a “sheep”, and though I may be a bit more of a homebody these days being a family guy as much as a brown trout crazed maniac, only frequenting about a half dozen rivers, with about 50 different sections in which to consider, with three different water crafts so to have the right angle to the dangle, visiting for whatever window might be opening; I used to be young, dumb, and living in a tent here there, or anywhere I had enough gas money to get to.  Mousing here, streamers there, and even being a groupie for The Hex Hatch Tour which one could ride like a surf board across the state for a month or so each year… It wasn’t till I bought a house, after living in an RV for 7 years, here on the PM, and settling down with my wonderful boys and babe, that I fished local to save on migration costs, and maximize time spent fishing versus setting up going here or there.  Put it too all you younger “anglers” coming up to diversify the game and challenge your comfort zone and add some adventure to your game.  Stop following the “White Rino” internet pitches… Only reason The PM, Manistee, Muskegon, and Ausble are so popular is because those are the only rivers most ethical guides are willing to discuss due to size and sustained fishing potential and overall size to dilute the pressures at different times of the year.  Don’t be sheep unless to be social and humorous about the impending traffic in some localized areas, and stop taking it too seriously, it’s just fishing.  If you’re a real angler, you’ll go hunt up two or three goodies on a mouse versus take the easy route of a 15’ dead drift over and over till the fish slips and grabs yours. Hatch fishing is basically natural chumming with insects, and very similar to the egg bite where fish are flat drunk on the protein and get in a rhythm of feeding much like I do with a box of Cheeze Its…  You stop looking at what your eating and just start jamming face with little thought or direction, and before you know it, your fat and happy on the couch or under a log jam.  Mouse bite comes to a man or woman differently, and I’m tickled when I’m fishing behind another boat as they can’t know what I do, so confidence in fishing behind them is there… With Hex’s, anybody can go from zero to hero in the drunk shopping spree of such a mass of protein.  If you have always wanted a shot at “The One”, no matter how it would come to the fly, (time limitations or just overall vendetta for the next level trout), and don’t mind saving your cast the better part of the trip in set up and in wait for the very well presented few you might make for “NEO”… Hex Hatch is for you!  Again it’s popular, and I can’t promise we will be alone, but if you want a shot at a goodie, give me a shout and we can get you in the book.  Call for details and availability, and if I’m booked, I have some buddies that can dial you up good for the same.  If you haven’t seen The Hex Hatch before, it truly is worth seeing and experience, at least once or twice till you “ting” the bell with a donkey, or at least a better dandy… When the smoke clears, maybe even after a few years, throwing mammals by comparison will bring you to tears!  Any and all that would dog a man for hunting up a donkey with as many casts and considerations of where and when with a mouse, would be so hypocritical to fish to a drunk on bugs fish sipping each and every, on the second, and even still in the black of night should reflect on the ethics of the argument.  DARKSIDE RULES… No Matter The How, So Much The When Of It!!! All that said, if you don’t like the crowds, but still love to Hex… Don’t forget about the early morning runs for the lasting spinners as it’s overlooked, and yields good fishing on those dates where the hatch is strongest and have the fish looking up most hours of the day for the mayfly.   

Won’t lie, when that moon was new and erie, we had to dabble in the darkside.  Wading the river at night, I choose not to use a boat unless I’m doing a trip, this to dial the sections down to a T, so to better your chances at getting a real shot at a fish worth hooking on an 8wt when your riding shotgun! Sorting the sounds of fish, pricked or rolled in a certain spot, I can learn those addresses of fish worth your time and money sitting front and center in a skiff without knee braces, and rubber matted floors, so be add the same sneak they would use in their predation.  Frolicking down the river, tossing here and begging there will always produce in the black most nights of the week, even if you don’t know the water that well, but if you want to find a real trout, addresses learned over countless passes with a streamer, dry, mouse, hopper, nymphs, and even eggs gives me a roster of trout to choose from without ever overfishing the whole of them.  My clients are confident these days when the anchor rope slips the cleat, and know that there is a strong likelihood of audience when it does.  Fishing with that confidence shows in the presentation and cast, even when the lights are out. Night fishing streamers and mice allows more anticipation per cast than any other technique I’ve ever engaged brown trout with, this because, by definition, a brown trout is a nocturnal one.  Through the spring months those same fish will feed under the cover of muddied, higher waters that allow for that predation sneak, without being noticed midday; in the same respect, when the water clears and drops, those daytime opportunities are lessened and they are forced to add the cover of darkness to there game of cat and mouse via the dark side of the date.  If you haven’t fished with a fly at night for the constant elusive brown trout, and are wondering why the biggest trout your able to muster is as big as some of the streamers we might throw to lure the same in trophy sizes… It’s because the fish lives under the bank, or under that logjam for the light of the day, only to come out and hunt at night so to add potential to each protein consideration a predator might.  If you meet a brown on his terms, which you do when engaging any forecasted bite window, his audience isn’t just possible, it’s expected… And that’s what it’s all about… Click Click

Lately the lighter moon has dowsed the bite just a bit, but the just still tannic water is keeping the bite alive… But before that moon we were going out a few nights and doing well too great where a “benny” was expected and rolling fish every ten casts was par.  Those of you that want to be “Heros With A Hex” should in fact do a couple dates in the dark fishing mice, stones, and muddlers to get your night play and sense up to speed as Dead Drift in the dark isn’t as easy as you may think, and is very much needed during a hatch!  Hopper & Big Stone Fly Trips will get the game in check for the presentation points, but the dark sided approach, with assorted night critters is great so you can get the fly where it needs to be with the lights off.  Mousing this early in the season will yield the highest potential of trout per cast, per hour, and if you sort through enough respectable to larger trout, you will eventually grab a donkey.  Late summer/ early fall, fewer fish are rolled on a given night, but the quality of those trout is far higher than those fish around this time where numbers are higher, but size is random and as luck would have it.  Even fishing bigger stones after dark can get you instep for the impending GIANT MAYFLY, but mousing makes it more fun while you do. Fishing after dark is still my absolute favorite way to angle to the brown trout as I enjoy casting as much as fishing, and when you hatch fish, there’s too much waiting, and not enough angling… When I wade fish with a mouse, anywhere is a potential rodent sacking stance, and when considered, both banks come into play while wading Johnson deep, (keeping a cool head), so to speak, instead of the hurried intensity of a sipping brown that has to choose your bug over the millions coming down. For me, the idea that a brown would destroy a presentation, versus just sipping it, it worth the couple sets of waders I burn through every summer hiking all over the rivers I would angle a rodent in.  Action is steady, never “spinner” dependant, and has me constantly improving my cast via the sense of load affirmed only when the visual sense of the cast is taken away. Seen many an angler, struggle through days of casting and rubbernecking the conditions of the back loop to forward, only to fall on the same bad habits; then spend just a couple hours in the black, (before ever lighting the lines which do GLOW in the dark for presentation speeds and punctual presentations), come through the woods smelling like flowers in their ability, then confidence in feeling their way through the load of the line.  Would encourage anyone that calls themselves a Michigan Brown Trout Fly Angler to try it once and tell me it isn’t one of the finest ways to angle our favorite of all species; this so to also factor in the impending daytime canoe hatches, sunburns, and reclusive trout that almost seem void when the light is high and the predation is low, as again, he is by definition, a nocturnal predator when the water warms and clears, and one we should cater too…

Hopper/Stone Fly Presentations are a go!!!  Oak hoppers in place, beetles, crickets… You name it… it’s in play!  Big Stones showed about a week or so back, so big stimulators and assorted helicopter patterns will all play till say… AUGUST!!!  Love fishing the bigger stones all day long, and those of you trout fisherman that don’t like the lag action of September on a terrestrial, or the need to pound 45’ to get a hit with the water being so low and clear, should get your asses up here between now and the middle of July to better those big daytime dry fly options, which have been great so far. Still cycling a few medium sized Olive Stones, and nice fat sallies that are coming off; stones are a huge part of the diet the next month or so.  Sulfurs have been MONEY the last week or so, with emergences that seemingly never shut down.  Spinner flights of the smaller yellow mayfly are every other it seems, but again, I would just assume fish the daytime emergence as smaller to medium fish rally too them all day long.  Yellow sally out front, and you got yourself a happy meal you can see at 35’, then you’re in the money.  Assorted daytime Mayfly occurrences are common, and can me mimicked via an assortment of the older favorites, but come evening, the Drake should be the Steak! Lately we’ve had some shady spinner flights, with some of the highest numbers of bugs seen in a couple years. Lower sections reporting better spinner flights, but lower quality fish; upper sections are allowing sulfur spinners to draw up some GREAT fish thanks to the clarity allowing for those dry venues.  Drakes are newer up top, but still working fine.  Andrea my wife did very well on Drakes just a couple nights back, and then I went out on foot and moused by myself till the sun came up.  Stinking of my adversary, after a nights mouse fishing where I almost felt a little guilty in my success of mammal patterns and predators… Summers are just the best time to be alive in Michigan!  It was a busy time after the shoulder allowed me to start rowing as hard as I wanted, and since then I’ve been doing nothing but.  New Rocky Mountain Skiff just got here last week, and it’s dressed up and ready for a long summer. Week old, and it already has 6 trips and one fun run on it… And the first day we had it out, things weren’t looking good with Jim Cook, and highly decorated angler, where we were begging for action, but since then had some very fishy days, so much so it already went back to the quarter wash to get the stink out.  My truck has been overhauled and improved thanks to me wife who has oversimplified my life into hanging out with her and the boys, and otherwise guiding & fishing till the wheels come off, which is no bad thing. With the new boat already set for dry flies and improved seats for seated, relaxed fishing, coupled with ZERO knee braces for added casting window and stealth… Summer has landed with a forecast that would make August blush!  Hatches look better than I’ve seen in many moons, and as forecasted, the later warming, and higher flows are hatching bugs better than the early springs and lower flows.  Gray Drakes will be a staple target for the next two weeks before the Hex Hatch lands, and with that parade the river will get very busy.  Drakes is a far better way to avoid the carnival and still fish a great hatch, and we have caught fish up to 24” on the mayfly of billions, this and there is actually some light on the subject when you fish the Grays versus the Hex which is almost like hunting with Ray Charles. Terrestrials and stones can keep us busy during the days before the hatches, and when that moon goes dark again we can do the same, or even flip to a hatch/hairball run to keep you up till the shortened nights of June have you running to bed like a vampire. Come later in the summer the all night mouse runs are better since you can actually get 9 or 10 hours of darkness.  Next 4 months is my favorite season of the year, with the back half of summer being the very best for larger, but fewer trout.  Get up soon folks, as the fishing right now for GRAYS/Sulfurs/Stones & Mice is about as good as it gets.  June is starting to fill, but plenty of openings still exist for July & August, and I just had three days next week open up for some very recommended Gray Drake runs.

Arkansas Unicorn Hunt 2019 is on the burner and all but situated… House is rented, 11 out of 17 spots filled for the migration, and we are still going for 6 more spots.  $1,300 per head, for 4 days fishing, 5 nights lodging gets you in some sweet lodging, and guided DRIFT BOAT fishing, or even the walk and wade after dark in select areas where covering the water better is better than trying to cover more water as we would be chucking the bigger streamers from a moving boat.  We are gonna try and stay clear of those white river skiff sled boats this year, as seemingly those that own them, REALLY like to use the motors and it ends up cutting into allot of casting time.  If the water is there, the need to fish fast isn’t as potent as fishing thoroughly.  Night options in check, if the water isn’t running, we aren’t fishing daylight, as the night options are way too good to pass up.  Water running, the plan is to fish the daylight strip and rip, which is always a favorite when you can see those giants come to the fly, instead of just hearing, then feeling the cinderblock land on the fly line, which I must say, I kinda dig.  This is an advanced run, with larger streamers and rodents in play, and not smaller jig flies or nymphs.  Spey Rod Anglers are VERY welcome on this run as the nighttime engagements are enhanced by 10 fold with the big sticks; your ability to go long, without chopping hook points, or hauling a half dozen times for the target position, and therein also be able to convert on fish taking the fly so very far away, (which is needed as those trout are sensitive to movement when flows are that low, even in the dark), are real bonuses to the two handed approach on that watershed.  Using no lights, we hunt via casting and wading the Simms brail of the bottom, covering only smaller pieces of water, we draw the fish to the flies.  Boated streamer tactics are all in play, and we often only fish the higher flows with streamers as too many fish simply follow and turn away as the water clears and drops down there and leaves less need to feed when it does. When the fish are pushed to the walls, ledges, and shoals when the flow is increased up to dozen feet, and sometimes up to 30Kcfs… The fish are far more receptive and willing to the daytime approach with the cover of muddied water being the predator mainstay. Looks like the back half of February will be the window this year, with 3 spots in first session, and 3 spots in second session, the more likely streamer sessions when they should be running more water for daytime streamer over nighttimes being more likely. 3rd& 4thSessions are filled for now, but sometimes we get cancelations.  If you think you have some good streamer skills, but aren’t afraid of the dark either, this would be right up your alley as the trout of White River in Arkansas are famously huge, and with that there is allot of politics surrounding that fishery, which I hope to avoid this year as we have lodging away from the Cotter Drama Pool, which seemingly is worse than MI in shortened order.  Call the house for details, and let me know if you think you can make it.  Those looking to freshen up or enhance those streamer skills for this winters southern migration, we still have a week or so of potential this spring, or heavier thunderstorms through the summer months, even this fall/early winter for the streamer freshen up.  Those looking for some mousing prowess, look no further than this summer… For skill building and some semi lights on action via bigger moon phases; but to be very productive, shoot for the dark moons.  Really can’t wait to get back, the shoulder surgery this past winter built some cabin fever that I still haven’t been able to cure… Hopefully I’ll get another shot at THE ONE this next February, early March!

It’s gonna be a different summer this year without my brother Brad “The Hole” Turner, and I can’t say I’m looking forward to hunting alone this year.  With good friends seemingly settling in with the ladies this summer, I’ll be hiking on my own allot this summer with few up to the challenge of commitment that I should seriously seek medical attention for.  Not to say it’s a bad thing, the more alone one is when angling, the more one just does that… ANGLE!  No outside social, no walkie talkie on the sling; just myself and the critters of the night.  Turner will be missed, so much so that I’m gonna go see him this summer with the family with any luck, but then again, I would like to put a group of anglers together, to go and see The Great White Hole this September for some pre spawn streamers on the Missouri when the grass falls outs of there.  Some very big fish frequent that watershed, but the shear numbers of fish is what’s really interesting, and by the time summer is winding down, Brad will have that streamer game there dialed up as he is one fishy dude!  Mike Schutlz is working on the exact pricing we are going to do this with, as it was his idea, and we already have several guys interested without having any solid dates set.  This is sooner than Arkansas, so we would want to speed things up as far as booking up to ensure Brad, and a couple of his buddies are on step for this Motley Crew of the Midwest, but again, this will be a streamer venue, with maybe a little night love mixed in as Brad has those ideas also in place.  Give Andrea or myself a shout and let us know if you think you can muster this and/or the Arkansas beat this year as it’s all just a celebration of brown trout on our more off months here on the Pere Marquette, Manistee, and Muskegon!

Sorry for the long report, but that’s what happens when you don’t do one for months on end… Feel like there’s so much more to discuss, but you’ll have to book a trip this summer as the wife has our vacations and bookings moving all the way into September this year with both her and the boys out of school this summer and allot of fun to be caught up on for us as well.  Below I will post my openings for this summer, which are always changing with cancelations, and rebookings from regulars based on conditions or happenings out of our control, but for the most part you folks could be looking at your date considerations as follows….  Gray Drake should be considered soon as the window slackens around the same time Hex Hatch starts up… Between now and the second week of June is that best Drake potential.  Hex Hatch is likely middle June this year, through the middle of July, with the hatch lessening, but still available following the 4th.  Early is the best, but often the busiest too, so if you are coming…. BOOK LIKE YESTERDAY!  Bigger stones work like Advil… Put’em in, and wait for them to work, as they always do.  Highlight of the daytime/evening Golden Stone is between now and the end of June when bigger browns and Salmon flies start to show, but are fewer in numbers when compared to our fantastic golden count.  Mouse fishing is a go pretty much ALL SUMMER LONG, and though the darkest nights are the finest for fishing potential, often, especially if its your first time or your just getting into the mouse fishing, going with a little moon comes highly recommended and we always get something done on even the brightest of nights after changing the programs to cater to the well moonlit waters. Hopper fishing is always easiest when there is a little color and cool to the summer waters, but not limited to, as the better dry fly casters love to test their resolve with longer casts to the very secure banks that give overhead ease to the canoe battered browns.  Terrestrials will also go the distance, and is a great option to fish during the full moon phases when the dark side bite, slips a bit.  Fishing pressure always least latest in the summer as the summer hatches and vacations pass just a bit, but even when the traffic is highest this trout season, there are always places you can go to avoid the canoes and fishermen alike.

Again, sorry for the big lapse in reports, but it should be getting easier to do them now, and for that matter in the future. My wife, now a nurse, but still schooling to be an RN, is going to be a working woman soon and allow me some time with the boys in years to come, and I’ll continue to take my regulars and referrals, but I’m going to be shooting more for 120-130 days guiding on the water instead of 50 more as I’m getting older, but not nearly as fast as my boys are and we are gonna get some more quality time together.  Wouldn’t mind fishing another 100+ days a year with the family and friends, and even my closest clients just to do more fishing, and less rowing, or at least even it out a bit.  Those coming for the darker moon phases, should have fished a bit in the dark with me and are looking to really take a shot at the title with very little light for visual reference which makes it trickier than say those nights with even a little moon where there is some light.  Anybody looking to improve the skills and still find some great action without donating all points of visual aid, should be thinking around the half moons, or close to them.  If you want to just have a great day casting with some action and suntans also taking a priority, the full moons are great for either nighttime learning curves, and even more recommended is the hopper fishing during the same bright moons.  When the fish can’t hunt as well with all the night light, they will differ back to the daytime terrestrial attack as those fish use the bank and the “HOPPERTUNITY” to fill the void of deep summer and light nights.  If you see a couple thunderstorms roll through the area, are up here, or can be in short order, fishing the following day after such storms with skunks and smaller drunks will put a smile on your face midday with the welcomed flow adding food and opportunity to the water menu.  Again, sometime in September I’d like to be in Montana with Brad Turner and a fun group of meat hucking deviants, but we will wait to see how many are on board for this.  Arkansas always takes care of itself, but the sooner I get it booked, the more I can jockey around for the best oarsman we can find down there, versus celebrities in the making.  Summer is here, and we can thank you folks enough for keeping me so busy this spring after a very rough on the wallet winter while healing from shoulder surgery.  Shoulder is about 98% and improving weekly, and should be full step by Hexs, but that’s not to say I haven’t run 43 trips already since the last week in March, which is outstanding, and for that matter, great therapy on the shoulder.  Think I’ve got about a weeks worth of fun fishing in there too… Rest are family days which are becoming more and more fun as the boys grow up, which I’m not in a hurry for!  Be safe coming up… Call soon for Drakes, Hexs, and Dark Moons… Daytime hoppers and brighter moons there is no hurry as I always have openings around those windows. 

Hope you all had a safe Memorial Day Weekend Folks… Good Luck & Good Fishing Out There!

June (HEX HATCH) Openings…8,10,14-16,23,26-28

July (Hex Hatch) Openings…1-6,18-21,24-26,28-31


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